They say we make the best donuts ever. We agree.

Grikula family has been known for their baked goods for ages! We supply the entire island with our products, but one of them is more loved and enjoyed than any other – our donuts! They can be found in various shops on the island, and every summer evening from 8 PM in our bistro pizzeria Fontana!

We’ll borrow words of Rory Macleod to tell you more about this delicious treat:

“Here on Brač, people also love donuts. There are fewer varieties of them — the options are usually chocolate, marmalade, and vanilla — and they’re mostly made the same way everywhere you go, with a chewy inside, a puffy outside, gooey goodness in the middle, and a healthy dusting of powdered sugar on top. The only difference here is that, in addition to being a breakfast staple, they are also dessert. In the summer people line up for the donuts at the Grikula bakery in Pučišća all night long, and for good reason, too. The donuts are served fresh out of the oven and they’re amazing.

At first, I didn’t quite understand the craze until I had them myself. But now I get it. There’s just something about eating donuts at night that just makes them taste better. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of all the times my mom would make us pancakes for dinner or maybe it’s just the sugar high after a few drinks. Either way, I am fully on board.”

Get on board, and try them as soon as you can! ❤ Remember – every night from 8 PM until they’re all gone 😉

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